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Ever since my dad taught me my first few lines of BASIC, programming has been my passion. I'll present the highlights from recent to old, to spare you the history if you're not interested:

I am currently working at Fiberplane, where we are building exciting DevOps tooling. As part of their efforts, I'm involved with fp-bindgen, a bindings generator for full-stack WASM plugins.

This website
This website was custom-built in Rust as an exercise to get familiar with the language. Don't expect any marvels, but feel free to look at the source.

I was a Principal Software Engineer at Speakap, where I worked for over 7 years. Some open-source projects that I created for them are text-clipper and Selectivity.js.

Sudoku Pi
Sudoku Pi is a finger-friendly Sudoku game for Android. Kudos to my wife for the design.

PlainText is a MUD engine I originally built in C++ and JavaScript as a hobby. A port to Rust (again as an exercise to gain experience) is WIP.

Hyves used to be the largest social network of the Netherlands. I worked there for five-and-a-half years, leading the team that created the Hyves Desktop suite using C++/Qt and web technologies. I also developed several server-side features in PHP and worked on their chat server created using Stackless Python. Finally, I also worked on their mobile stack creating hybrid PhoneGap applications for Symbian, Android, iOS and BlackBerry. Symbian in particular was a fun one, as I first had to built the PhoneGap container itself in C++ :)
An open-source project (now hopelessly outdated) I developed as part of my employment there was Woodpecker, an SCSS compiler written in Python.

Distributed friend graph database
For my university's master's project, which I did at Hyves, I created a PoC for a distributed friend graph database in C++. It was able to efficiently retrieve things like friend recommendations as well as determine whether any two people shared a connection in the third degree.

KDE project
During my time at university I made several contributions to the KDE project on the side. From the search bar for the Konqueror web browser and the type-ahead-find feature in its KHTML rendering engine to support for the Windows RDP protcol in the KDE Remote Desktop Client application. For the latter, rather than reimplementing the RDP protocol, I created a patch for the rdesktop application so that its X11 window could be embedded into other windows, which was then used by KRDC.

Real-time raytracing engine
For my university's bachelor's project me and three fellow students developed a PoC real-time raytracing engine in C++ with CUDA support. Of course, given the hardware at the time, this was only feasible on low resolutions using various shortcuts, but it was an interesting project nonetheless.

During my first part-time job, I worked as a solo developer in a small automation firm that lead to the formation of Aukyla Software, where I did what every programmer did at the time: Create their own PHP CMS. I created the Aukyla PHP Framework, upon which I built ADMS, an intranet-focused Document Management System, and Aukyla Site Manager, which powered several public websites at the time.

In order to help myself and fellow classmates in high-school improve our natural language skills, I developed a little Windows application using Borland C++ Builder. The concept was simple: You enter the lists of all the words with their translations, and the program will question you on your knowledge of them afterwards. I don't think I have the source to this application anymore, but years later, as I made an attempt to learn Hebrew, I wrote a similar program called Qivrit. This one was also written in C++, but using Qt and tests both knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet as well as basic vocabulary.

One of my oldest hobby projects is a game: Adventure. If my memory serves me right, the first version was created in QBASIC. When I started using KDE, I made a port called KAdventure.